How to prepare for a wildfire

Jun 20, 2017 | by The Salvation Army

A wildfire can strike and spread with alarming speed. All it takes is a dry climate, vegetation, and a spark. In seconds, roaring flames erupt. The Salvation Army wants to be sure you are prepared before, during an after a wildfire. 


  • Know the term "fire weather watch." It means dangerous fire conditions are possible in 12 to 72 hours. 
  • Keep the roof and gutters of your home clean.
  • Maintain a 30-foot area around your home free of wood piles, dry leaves, or other items that burn. 
  • Make sure your car is fueled and equipped with emergency supplies and a change of clothes. To learn what to put in an emergency kit, click here. 


  • Evacuate immediately if instructed, and be aware of evacuation routes. 
  • Return home only when local authorities okay it. 


  • Use caution in burned areas. Hot spots can flare up without warning. 
  • Stay alert after fire, checking periodically for sparks and smoke. 
  • Contact your local Salvation Army after any disaster if you need help.

To learn more about The Salvation Army's hand in aiding disaster survivors, visit our webpage.

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