When Helen's entire life went wrong

Jul 25, 2017 | by The Salvation Army

Helen had a very successful, very good life. After receiving her MBA, Helen built a career in marketing, at one point leading a four-state sales team for a major corporation. She was also blessed with a husband, her "sweet" who was the love of her life. Everything was perfect. Then tragedy struck. One morning, her husband suddenly died of a massive heart attack, turning her life upside down. Helen was grief-stricken. 

To make matters worse, soon afterward Helen lost her job in the recession. And after being diagnosed with an incurable illness that often left her exhausted and in pain, she was never able to return to work. For a time, Helen just managed to get by, living alone with her small dog. But without the salary of a spouse to count on, her savings were eventually exhausted. Pretty soon, she was faced with the decision of food or electricity. Not to mention paying for her medication. 

But thanks to you, The Salvation Army is helping support Helen financially and emotionally. When her savings and disability payments ran out, she turned to The Salvation Army for food and help with utility bills. "You never think it is going to happen to you," says Helen about her drastic change in fortune. "but The Salvation Army treated me with so much respect and kindness," She says firmly, "I just can't tell you how much it has meant." 

Helen now has a positive attitude about the future. An attitude and a hope made possible by you. 

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